The last two years I have had a heavy burden on my heart watching the demise of the church. Michael Spenser predicted that in 10 years the Evangelicals would lose 50 % and the ministries would be all but eliminated. The US is in the same place as France 20 years ago when their long slide into secularism began. Like the US Church leaders, the French Christians were in a state of denial. Everyone’s church is growing. Signs out front read, “Don’t just watch us grow, come grow with us! Pragmatism is the doctrine du jour. By the time everyone woke up here it was too late. The young had all left in spite of best efforts to retain them.

One way we have chosen to combat this and turn the trend around is to plant and nurture house churches. What we have found though, is that these kids will never go back to the organized church. They love the relationships they never had and some have found the Lord. The challenge is to so teach that the Holy Spirit indwells them and leadership arises that will look after them even though most of them have never darkened the door of an institutional church.

It is so sad to hear passing through Christians, especially the women, tritely say, “Well, that is somewhere else. You must come and hear our preacher. He is so inspiring, young and handsome. We are growing. We arrree growing. Don’t talk negative.” God help us!

Jean Paul Internetfriar